We build enterprise class data pipelines

Our certified engineers can build and optimize pieplines from the ground up, and effectively add new technologies as they come online to keep you ahead of the curve.


A better way to start building.


Build real time & batch data pipelines from multiple sources to transform raw data into data ready for analytics, applications, machine learning and AI systems.

Data migrations

Migrate data from on premise to cloud from cloud to cloud saving on infrastrutcture & resource costs.


Build applications with ease using continous integration / continous deployment.

Machine learning

Derieve data insights to optimize applications, save costs and provide customer insights.

"Design and build data pipelines for new projects! Making things easier with our IT consulting services!"
Kishore Kolanu /
Ranga Surineedi, Partners

From our blog

Quick byte on latest technologies.

Set up a Kafka cluster on EC2

Create a Kafka cluster using terraform on AWS Ec2 instances

Failure prediction

Analyse and get insights of application behavror from logs in real time.

Create a simple API using Lambda

In this blog post we will show you how to create a simple API using python and lambda for testing on your mac.